Completed another stage of humanity. The year 2014 ended and reaches 2015. For those who experience you will find marked in the history books that will come as the years of global turn.

An Argentine Pope mediated the decades of conflict between capitalism and socialism, and made an africanamerican president, name Barack Hussein Obama, ease the embargo on Castro’s Cuba, not Fidel, but Raul.

In the future do not ask, but today we are forced to ask: what have sounded strange in the news?

If we think that strange” is that we are not used to live, what is not part of our daily life, so by studying the history, we have to wonder a president in the US to be a africanamerican, for example. Position held by rich white since they invented the country.

Stranger: an Argentine Pope. It is the first Pope born in the Americas, the first non-European pontiff in over 1200 years of Catholic Church, and also the first Jesuit pope in history. Very strange!

Cubes strength Castro at the front, for example. Fidel has always been a great leader in the socialist world and hated in the capitalist world. Accused of dictator and stubborn in their ideals, skirted the economic embargoes imposed by the United States to his people, leaving the legacy, even with all the obstacles, achieve high levels of human and social development for the Cubans.

Why these reports were only possible in recent years?

Well, first, seek what happened in the past years, or better, in the last century, that can help us understand.


World War I redistribution of territories Imperial

After the First World War (1914-1918), the victorious powers who occupied the territories of the Empire Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, among others, came together to create a peace agreement. Thus, in 1919 signed the Treaty of Versailles that created the League of Nations, or the League of Nations, which had the function of preventing a new international confrontation. The League was based on a proposal by US President Woodrow Wilson, who sought an end to the economic barriers between countries. Were created several institutions such as the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Disarmament Commission, the Health Organization, the International Labour Organization, the Mandates Commission, the International Commission on Intellectual Cooperation, the Permanent Central Opium Board, the Commission for refugees, and the Commission of Slavery.

The activities of the League of Nations lasted until 1946 because it lost credibility for failing to prevent the Second World War.

Let’s think about how an ordinary citizen lived at that time in an international organization practiced in the world. If it was a simple landowner, continue planting their livelihoods and selling their surplus to the market. But to own should be male heir and land, most of the time. If I had the good fortune to find some ore underground of your property would have two ways: sell to someone who exploits or explore on your own, but it would have to have initial capital and would have to resort to some Bank.

Well, if it was not a simple owner? It remains to find work on farms or in factories in cities, or in the fishing industry. Also had a military career in large rise as well as organized crime and drug trafficking. It is life was hard.

World War II reorganization of territorial distribution

For various reasons the League of Nations failed. In some countries may not have been satisfied with their territories in the distribution and want to occupy the neighbors, the proponent of the League, the US, did not enter the Nations club because the US Senate did not approve (or stress that Saudi Arabia was part of the League ).

With World War II, the total conflict has recovered and at the end, in 1945, the allies created the United Nations (UN), which also had a role in ensuring world peace. Also several institutions were formed: Security Council (for deciding certain resolutions for peace and security), the Economic and Social Council (for assisting in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development), the Human Rights Council (to promote and monitor the protection of human rights and propose international treaties on the subject), the Secretariat (for providing studies, information and facilities necessary for the UN), the International Court of Justice (the primary judicial organ), the World Health Organization (WHO ), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).


What few realize is that the UN has started much earlier, in 1942, in the midst of World War II, when the US and UK shut peace agreement in the Atlantic Ocean, and sealed the Atlantic Charter, which would ensure free trade and economic cooperation. That agreement made by Winston Churchill (UK) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (USA), and prepared by the US State Department in 1939 (the year that started World War II), which took over 26 countries to pacify the relations in Atlantic.

In 1944 other global institutions were created at Bretton Woods, USA. One was the World Bank, with a mission to finance the reconstruction of countries devastated by World War II. Over time the mission evolved into the financing for development in the poorest countries. The other institution was the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who deserved monitor exchange rates and lending in cases of imbalance in the balance of payments. If the exchange rate exceeded a support point”, the country should buy or sell its currency to maintain parity with the US Dollar within the permissible limits. Let us remember that it was established that the World Bank would be led by the US, to the time that the IMF, in Europe, which is followed to this day.

An ordinary citizen at that time, if a landowner, would have investigated your region on which best production possibilities: the world was no longer a cluster of families and occasional property to become a huge business, it was enough to be mapped. And under his land had ores, could explore with help from companies and banks of financing, but if it had oil, would be a beautiful mess.

If it was not owner … well, the industrialization of the field was already growing and abandon human labor, leaving citizens industries or trade in the cities, or even military service, or some militia company that hired soldiers to perform missions secret, or organized crime that added to international drug trafficking.

World War III Cold War

The end of World War II began the War between the major military and territorial powers of the time: United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

But they fought?

If we think that World War II began with the dissatisfaction of some nations and territories to spread, and when the US presented its proposal for peace in the Atlantic in 1939, sharing the responsibilities with the United Kingdom, it is easy to understand that the Cold War was the dispute these allies of the Atlantic to dominate the Pacific Ocean. Do Not ?! Remember that World War II ended with the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in August 1945, which led the Japanese Empire, a Pacific island, to surrender.

The Cold War led the powers to compete in mapping and mineral extraction technologies needed for military protection. Among them the most widely used at the time: oil.

With the agreement signed in Bretton Woods (1944) countries that did not want to face financial crises (as of 1929) had to keep their national currencies based on an internationally accepted currency, ie the US Dollar, of course, because who created the plan outside the US State Department. Without alternatives, everyone accepted because the promise was that the Dollar would be converted into gold when it was requested by members.

However, in 1971, before increasing pressures in global demand for gold, Richard Nixon, then president of the United States unilaterally suspended the Bretton Woods system, canceling the direct dollar convertibility into gold. What would most do at that moment that the US was in full contention for Vietnam?

Truth! Why the US has put him on a 20-year war with Vietnam (1955-1975)? Once again the competition for the Pacific area and Vietnam is located on the main access to the Indian Ocean. Controlling Vietnam was to ensure the overall logistics of both the oil as other commodities: the capitalist dream without borders trade.

Nixon was the spokesman for the US strategy in saving the Dollar and the economy of their allies, without generating a new World War. Rather than throwing the world against the US to collect a debt, it just distributed its debt to the world. Removed the gold standard and put in place the standard oil.

This is the Age of petrodollar we are seeing reach the final in 2014/15. Remember which countries had remained outside the League of Nations? US and Saudi Arabia.

The US became the largest supplier of Wars I and II with its oil industry, which replaced the coal used in previous wars. With this, the oil industry has grown in North American soil, invading lands in Canada and Mexico. The great representatives of oil exploration in the US were the Rockefeller Standard Oil of owners, which in 1911 was divided into various companies like Exxon, Chevron, Atlantic, Mobil and Amoco.

With the increase in demand for oil and oil products, the Rockefellers, in partnership with investors the level of Rothschild, JP Morgan and others, headed to map the largest deposits of the mineral found throughout the world and in the Middle East. Funded groups, at the beginning of 1900, the overthrow governments and even empires like the Ottoman. Ibn Saud helped to dominate the lands of the Arabian peninsula and to form the United Arabia, which was officially recognized by the US in 1933.

For Nixon in 1971 used the old US partner to secure a deal: keep buying oil from Saudi Arabia, which in exchange for weapons and military protection of deposits, it will hold all oil sales to other buyers only in dollars Americans.


Then the other countries of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, established in 1960) agreed to similar deals thus ensuring global demand for Dollar and allowing the US to export part of its inflation.


This worked to stabilize the economy for a few more decades, but today goes bankrupt. To keep the price of the Dollar on the rise, oil producers control the global production (supply and demand law, more oil on the market, cheaper costs per barrel).

Yes. A cartel.

To keep the Dollar and its economy, the US expanded its engagement with Saudi Arabia to ensure weapons and protection of deposits to other oil regions of the world combined. Established in several strategic regions of the Earth their militias in military bases financed by the petrodollar. Occupied territories and shook companies or to form consumed market, or to enter its exploitative industry deposits. And even played unarmed people against their governments as the Springs East European and Arab countries.

However, a phenomenon has eroded the petrodollar system: wear.

World War IV War on Terror

The latest attempts to keep the petrodollar wreaked havoc around the world. Saddam Hussein tried to sell oil converting no longer in US Dollar, but in Euros, since at the time was more valued. Who does not remember what happened?

A blackout occurred worldwide.


Planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September 2001. From that day, who dared not follow the pattern of oil sale in Dollar, would be called a terrorist. And Iraq‘s Hussein was invaded by US and allied militia in 2003, which said seek chemical weapons and a fugitive Islamist leader on the second richest family in Saudi Arabia, and who had organized a militia to overthrow the Saudi king to make your country to return to traditional customs that had been ocidentalizando because of the American influence. His name was Osama bin Laden.

The allies occupied Afghanistan hunting bin Laden. Arrived in Pakistan. They put in the territory between China and Russia.

On May 1, 2011, the US president, africanamerican, name Barack Hussein Obama (who speak), announced to the world that his militia had killed bin Laden and thrown the body in the ocean. Mystical! It would be the end of the occupation of the seven seas by oil world?

Maybe …

We are in 2015. Year of the changes. Turn of the year.

But what upset we talking about?

The end of the Age petrodollar.

After ten years of the Iraq war, the oil producing and consuming countries organized themselves around the BRICS. – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa Each one is a regional bloc of countries that also yearn for participation in market.

What they all want?


How will you do that? Using the same recipe 1900s.


V World War exchange War?

2015 will be known as the year of the alternative according to Bretton Woods.

The Dollar System does not support more wear and will need to be reset. A new standard to mark the oil negotiations will have to emerge. The BRICS have already given their proposed solution.

On July 15, 2014, during the Sixth Summit of BRICS, in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, the presidents of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa signed an agreement formalizing the creation of the New Development Bank, NBD, also referred to as “bank of BRICS“, whose main objective is to finance infrastructure and development projects in poor and developing countries. The agreement was signed by the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, the new Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, China, Xi Jinping, and South Africa, Jacob Zuma.

The bank of BRICS will have its headquarters in Shanghai, China. Its first president is Indian. Brazil is expected to indicate the chairman of the bank directors. In the Russian Federation shall nominate the Chairman of the Board of Governors, and South Africa will host the African Regional Centre of the institution.

Strange, no? You create new global institutions, but no one talks about war?

Let’s remember where have you been that ordinary people in these years.

After insisting on maintaining its productive property, either planting or exploiting minerals, with so many economic crises citizen was forced to make loans to pay debts. Went to the bank and got into debt, putting your property as attachment. The property is capitalized in the hands of the bank. To those who have not made loans but received incentive agribusiness or mining companies to continue with their activities, hardly noticed, but already working for such companies. Both owners are no longer to be employed or banks or agribusiness.

What about those who were not owners? Once again left their city. Conurbations. Underemployment in commerce or industry. Generations being explored.

Many analysts say the mainstream press has not revealed the facts to the public about the seriousness of what is happening. But if we think throughout human history, perhaps never been so reported the situation. Formerly hardly knew what was happening on the other side of the world. It is now known internet at the same time, a distance of a click!

Some think that people do not revolt when he realizes what is happening, but there are difficulties in understanding what is really at stake. Rebel today is how to choose hope a team or another, who have the same sponsors, the same owners, the same rules; but change the colors in uniform and the home field.

May occur as expected for analysts as the Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Souza Santos: Total War.

You might experience, as warned Hugo Chavez, a new wave of color revolutions in countries without such militarization as Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, seeking to destabilize the current center-left governments to take them down and re-aligned governments to the Empire.

You might experience using new technologies not yet disclosed by the press, as provocateurs of earthquakes and tsunamis, called HAARP (Aurora Research Program High Frequency Active, search that will find plenty!), With Russia, India and China as targets. (Remember that unlike the Latin countries, the Eastern possess atomic bomb).


However, a transition from the petrodollar standard for the already created special drawing rights” more expected to occur is (special drawing rights or XDR SDR) that are defined and foreign exchange reserves held by the International Monetary Fund.

The SDR was created by the IMF in 1969 and devoted to be an asset for foreign exchange reserves under the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates. It was initially set to 1 US Dollar equal to 0.888671 grams of gold. After the collapse of the system in the early 1970s the SDR took a much less important role, acting as the unit of account for the IMF since 1972.

What we have to make sure is that something will come soon to regulate oil purchases. Russia and China are already doing business using gold as currency, leaving the Dollar aside and showing the US and the UK who are not Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya.

The US is no longer the same consumers of oil as before. They lost the first for China, which can pass the rule the market. The threats made during the Cold War and the War on Terror by the US and allies, can not pass Bluff today, given that China and Russia have also invested in mass destabilizing technologies (HAARP) which are also not disclosed.

Thus, we conclude that in today’s world, dominated by the internet that brings much information as misinformation, which may occur will not fall from heaven, but is ready to be used on earth and has been tested both in the economic sphere as in war.

As a Brazilian, country specializing in diplomacy, we are in the class of come on” and want a sound: Happy New World!

Nuno Nunes – Philosopher and writer



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